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Naruto washable protective mask - Naruto Logo


Naruto washable protective mask - Naruto Logo. Officially Licensed Naruto

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Naruto washable protective mask - Naruto Logo

French design and certified, this protective mask is washable up to 60 times at 60 ° C, you can put it in the dryer and ironing is recommended in order to kill bacteria. The mask adapts to the different shapes of the face. It is also available in child size.

The barrier masks are intended to provide additional protection to any healthy person, in addition to barrier gestures and the distancing measure.

This mask is not intended for nursing staff.
This mask does not replace barrier gestures (regular hand washing, physical distancing, reduction of contact with other people). It adds a physical barrier, especially for use when you are in close contact with other people.
This mask has demonstrated a filtration efficiency greater than 90% for particles of 3 microns emitted by the person wearing the mask.

  • Barrier masks for non-medical use
  • Port duration: 4 hours maximum
  • Number of washes limited to 60 times
  • Washing temperature: 60 ° C
  • French creation
  • 100% polyester
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